Based in Auckland, New Zealand, two twenty-somethings came together with a vision to create the best hair towel there ever was! Turbist was created out of the struggle of balancing large bath towels on our heads and ending up with frizzy, dull and dry hair after all the pre shower and in shower hair care routines.

Turbist has been developed over several months, going through rigorous testing processes to make the perfect hair towel! It is lightweight, bigger and absorbs much more moisture than any other hair towel on the market. Turbist is made from a special blend of fibers which holds a lot more moisture than the standard microfiber hair towel. Turbist has been tested alongside the best on the market for absorption, wear and tear, quality and size before making its debut. Made for all sorts of hair types and lengths, everyone can use Turbist!

We want the best for you and our vision is to constantly improve and innovate our product whilst keeping it affordable.

- Team Turbist x